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Seminari: Okeanija



For new people there is no cost, apart from their own accommodation and meals
For Unemployed, Students or Pensioners the 8 days will be $195 or $28 per day.
For the rest the cost is $245 for the 8 days or $35 per day.

This is the price for bookings made 1 month in advance of the seminar date.
After that there will be a $50 increase in price.

We will not be providing any food or accommodation this year, but will be
having the seminar at a resort where people can pick their own
accommodation, ranging from camping to deluxe hotel motel style rooms.
And they can choose to eat in the cafe or make or bring their own meals.
However we will be providing 2 meals included in this price. The price
includes the cost of the seminar venue and our associated costs.

For direct bank deposit, here are the electronic banking details for the National Australia Bank:
BSB branch number is 082212 and the account number is 528820859 .

**When registering, the date format is set to USA (yyyy-mm-dd).