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Online Events : User-Guide

Click here for the complete and detailed User Manual


We suggest that you try the virtual room before the meditation or meeting. This way you can test your microphone, webcam (optional) and adjust the sound's volume levels. For testing your sound, it is very useful to enter twice in the room with 2 names (eg Jo and Jo2 or Jo Clone). That way, you can hear yourself when you speak, test your own sound and make sure everyone else can hear you very well. You will certainly need to adjust your mic's volume level:

To use the virtual room please follow these 5 steps:

  • step #1 Flash Player
  • step #2 Link to the room
  • step #3 Enter name
  • step #4 Adjust sound controls
  • step #5 Troubleshooting

Step #1 - Flash Player

The virtual room needs the Flash Player, just like YOUtube. If you can't access the room, you might need to download the latest version of the flash player

To verify if you have the latest FLASH plugin, please visit this site. (Screenshot below dated October 2011).

You will see a chart like the one above.

Step #2 - Link to the room

Click on the link you have received to enter the room - Eg. for public events in English, in Spanish, in French, etc.. For public events, you need to click on the link of the event in the section "Online Events". You will be directed to a page with more details about the event and a link to enter the room. Click on that link.

Step #3 - Enter name

Please use proper names (eg. Paul, John, Mary, Peter, etc.) rather than (cute45, superman, ford, butterfly etc.)

Step #4 - Adjust Sound Controls

At the bottom of the room you will see some buttons to control video and sound.

When you click on the Talk Now button for the first time, the following popup window will appear. Click on the Allow button.

You will notice that the Talk Now button becomes red when you are speaking in the room. If the green level at the bottom left is going up and down, then everyone in the room can hear you. You can adjust the mic's level according to the feedback in the room (too loud or too soft) - Usually the mic's volume is best at around 70%.

Remember that you need to press the red Talk Now button to release the mic for someone else. If text communication is allowed you can type text or emoticons in the box shown below.

If you are watching a video, you might like to adjust the sound volume of the video with the button at the bottom right of the video.

If the video is combined with the voice of a speaker, you might need to reduce the sound volume very low, around 5%.

You might like to close the list of participants as well to expand the section for the video.

Step #5 - Troubleshooting

1. Make sure that audio devices are installed and connected properly;

2. Make sure that connected device is not used by other applications (Skype), this application should be disabled firstly. Then please refresh the browser tab, or close it and then re-open and login to room;

3. Check the settings section and make sure that connected device is present and set as active device in the list; Mute and unmute your mic in the settings section by using the settings button at the top right of the screen.

4. Check that you have a recent version of the Adobe Flash Player Check the Adobe Flash player settings make sure that you click "allow" in order to use connected devices;

* Microphone and Webcam Configuration
Right click in the virtual room (eg. on the video) and click on 'Settings...'. in the pop up window's menu..

Adjust the mic and webcam's settings.

Be sure to choose the right microphone and webcam from the drop down menu.

5. Make sure that in Adobe settings under "Monitor" tab the field "Enable hardware acceleration" is empty;

6. Check the flash GLOBAL SETTINGS.
Right click (PC) or control click (Mac) on the video sectionand click on the global settings menu in the popup window.

Add to the list shown below in the "Camera and Mic" tab.

7. Test,12345678. No need to click on send report at the end of the test. However, send the screenshot of the report to alcy [at] (to take a screenshot: you can use the key Printscreen (PrtScn) on your keyboard and CTRL+V to paste it into an email or a word document)

If you need assistance, Ramzez the technical coordinator can meet you in the virtual room so you can test your microphone, webcam (optional) and calibrate your sound. If you can't even get into the virtual room Ramzez can attempt to find the cause or causes of your technical troubles.

  • MSN: ramzeztheimaginative[at]
  • Skype: ramzez1974
  • Googletalk: ramzez1974
  • e-mail: writeme [at]
  • telephone: +1-514-357-0620 or +1-514-357-0620

Ramzez can call anywhere in Canada and USA for free, enabling you to avoid long distance charges. If you cannot reach Ramzez, contact alcy [at]

This user Guide is available by clicking on the User Guide button at the bottom right of the virtual room.